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Having worked with brands such as Redbull, Standard Bank, Jive, Puma  and recently Fujifilm, Wayne Robertson has established himself as a respected artist within many disciplines of the creative world. Starting his career in the early 2000s as a music producer, Wayne has produced music for both local and international hip hop heavyweights. In 2013 he expanded his creative expressionism and began shooting Instagram content on his iPhone 4. He quickly grew a reputation as one of South Africa’s most forward-thinking street photographers – leading the pack and bringing international trends to home ground. 


In the years between then and now, Wayne has proven himself as a visionary time and time again. Never compromising on the quality of his work and only aligning himself with people, brands and campaigns that he truly believes in. His authenticity and steadfastness within his own identity as an artist is what has set him apart and attracted dozens of leading brands over the years.

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